Hair Conversations With Covo Singapore | Saturday, June 21, 2014

To be completely honest, I'm not the ideal person to consult when it comes to hair. Want that shine? That bombshell blowout? I apologize –– I hold no clue to achieving Victoria Secret's impeccable, effortless locks. Call me a man, but I find it a chore to even blow-dry my hair every morning before heading out to run my errands.

Now, don't get the wrong impression. I do love talking about hair. I love how having the right hair accentuates my facial features, or having gazillion ways to style and experiment with my hair with to complete my daily ensembles. This is probably the reason why I insist on choosing a good salon I'm comfortable with because it instantly bids goodbye to lackluster, dull hair once you get a right hairstylist who understands what you want without saying much.

This round, my hairstylist transformed my lifeless, dull hair by dying it in HOYU's dark brown tint, and finished it off with Covo's signature blend treatment, giving my hair a natural bounce, making it my locks so manageable. Not to mention, I feel like a million dollars every single time I step out of Covo. So there you have it – my readers get twenty percent off* as long as you mention my name. Have a great week ahead folks!

Covo Singapore is located at 43 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089147. Tel: +65 6221 4585 | Terms & Conditions: Promotion of 20% only applies to new customers & do not apply to product purchase.
Hair via Covo Singapore | Photos taken by Canon 5D Mk II, 50mm F 1.4

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Resorts World Genting | Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What’s certain is that when you put in a much needed break together with the companion of the most spontaneous girlfriend one can ask for – one should never say no to a twenty-four hours getaway. While it’s not my first time in Genting, I’m widely impressed how much this place has evolved in the past decade. Genting is a hideout which holds a large part of my adolescent years – it held memories of my daredevil yesteryears with my best friend, where we would spend our days prancing across the amusement park grounds, daring each other to take on the most bizarre rides. Goodness, I wonder where all that energy went. The Genting which I experienced this time was very much different. Although there was no adrenaline stunts involved, it was a jam-packed experience which I’ll fondly remember.

Immediately upon our arrival, we were ushered to Imperial Rama, a Thai Chinese fusion restaurant, where we were presented with an eight course seafood feast hosted by the head chef himself. In all honesty, I was a tad skeptical at the start, for fusion cuisine isn’t easy to master. However, the tables turned on me once the entrees arrived. The dishes were not haphazardly put together, be it in terms of flavor, texture or presentation. The hint of thai flavorings incorporated into the traditional Chinese fare was not too overpowering, and the freshness of the seafood was definitely not compromise. From the juiciest Alaskan baked crabs to succulent salted egg prawns, the highlight of Imperial Rama has to be the whopping RM3,000 Emperor Fish. Light, refreshing and simple, the flavor of the fish was fresh, clean and heightened by ginger, green onions and a light soya sauce based sauce.

Even if lunch didn’t impress, we were totally whisked away by our refreshing spa treatment at M Spa right after lunch. M Spa Genting Grand offers a range of pampering treatments, from therapeutic massages to invigorating body wraps and facials. We were treated to the 60 mins M Spa Treatment package, with a complimentary fifteen minutes foot bath ritual and then indulged in a top to toe massage to re-freshen ourselves, before unwinding in an intimate tea session.

While we were still recovering from our food coma, little did we expect another full fledge meal at Ltititude just two hours later. Boasting of slick opulent interiors and an extensive wine list, Ltitide is one of the newest ventures helmed by Resorts World Group Chef, Oliver Lopez, together with other globally renowned chefs, both from the East & West. While this restaurant offers a open kitchen concept, the menu is very much Italian & Japanese inspired. If you're a fellow dessert lover, please save some space for their desserts. I can’t exactly remember the name of the dessert I had because I was far too excited at that moment, but it’s this heavenly pairing of vanilla bean ice cream, chantilly cake and strawberry purée. Ultimate bliss.

The perfect end to our night was spent with the legendary operatic pop group Il Divo, who staged a Broadway-theme stint at Resorts World Genting. The pop-opera vocal quartet took us on a journey of their soaring classics of Phantom Of The Opera, West Side Story and Les Miserables, serenading me with my favourites “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina “ & “Time To Say Goodbye”. The charismatic foursome did what they did best – blowing us away with their charming dispositions and pitch-perfect vocals.

Perhaps the next time I return, I’ll be back with a larger appetite and energy to take on the heart-stopping rides at FOX Theme Park, which is due to launch in 2016. Until then, Genting. Many thanks to Nuffnang Singapore & Resorts World Genting for the impeccable hospitality throughout this 24 hours.
Post courtesy of Nuffnang Singapore & Resorts World Genting 

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Surfin' Up With Al Et Clar | Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Something different, something new. Is it just me, or does pullovers just look better oversized? There's just something about oversized sweaters on bare skin that is indescribably beautiful. Neoprene isn't a fabric you'd often consider for everyday wear, but lately I've been very much inclined to this scuba-like material thanks to the likes of Alexander Wang on the runway, which has found a fashionable place as a summer staple in my closet at a fraction of the price c/o the lovely folks at Al Et Clar. There's a multitude of ways to match this piece, but I guess pairing it with earthly hues are my way of secretly hoping the colder weather will approach us, for there's only so much heat one can take. 

My first personal encounter with Alicia was during the course of Al Et Clar's debut lookbook shoot, where Franz & I were assigned to photograph and art-direct the beautiful Yvette King of Tanjong Bazaar. Alicia is nothing short of genuine in person, and while we shared our personal values and perspectives on the local industry today, what gave me the validation that she was one of the few role players in the industry was her strong determination and values she upholds – constantly wanting to strive for the best, without wavering to society standards. Also, she has been one of the few who has been a constant form of encouragement all this while, which I'm definitely grateful for. 

In collaboration with Public Garden, Al Et Clar will be hosting a pop-up store at National Design Centre on 29th and 30th March so do pop by and say hi if you're near! On a lighter note, if you're keen on snooping around my upcoming travel plans for the year, my best moments through my blogging 'career' and my top picks from Al Et Clar, check out my interview with here. Photos via Elizabeth Lee.
Neoprene Pullover via Al Et Clar | Skirt via Front Row | Proenza Messenger Sachet | Zara Court Heels 

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Covo Singapore | Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There's nothing more therapeutic than spending your afternoon at the hair salon sprucing up your tresses. A few weeks back, I got invited by the lovely folks at Covo Singapore, a Japanese hair salon tucked between the quiet enclave of Ann Siang Hill. Covo's space is clearly a reflection of Japan's aesthetics – clean and sleek interiors, impeccable service and quality haircuts/treatments, taking the whole concept of hairdressing to the a whole new level.

Due to the Singapore's humidity and the countless bleaching/coloring my hair has endured in the past years, to say I'm frustrated with my limp and dry hair is clearly an understatement. As someone who had tons of nerve-wrecking experiences with bad hairdressers, I tend to shy away from snipping my hair, but this round, I decided to put my hairdresser to the test. I took the leap and opted for a haircut, a darker shade of brown, and treatment to spruce up my locks. There I sat back and watched my hairdresser performed her magic, and the real evidence was me walking out of the salon with a bouncy head of curls restored to live.

Despite being relatively new in the hairdressing scene, Covo Singapore has gathered quite a handsome reputation, inviting crowds from all over even on a weekday past lunch hour. Besides offering the usual hair services and treatments, the folks at Covo recognize the fact that there shouldn't even be bad hair days. Readers of my blog get to enjoy ten percent off your haircut as once you mention my name.

Covo Singapore is located at 43 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089147. Tel: +65 6221 4585
Hair via Covo Singapore | Photos taken by Canon 5D Mk II, 50mm F 1.4

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Stove Diaries With SCS Dairy Singapore | Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Takeout meals are too easy an excuse – especially when we're tight on our schedules. And even when we're not busy, cooking can be such a chore, liable to be derailed by the smallest inconveniences. It's human instinct to yearn for the food of our mothers (my sister, in this case), but it may be the food that we encounter in the outside world that hold the most sway around our imaginations. I've been fed hearty homemade meals for many years, but still, I'm not satisfied, for I knew that outside my home was whole new array of food awaiting me. Singapore, being a food hub was a place of round-the-clock convenience and independence for us food lovers.

And so, it was that pot of homemade stew which couldn't hold a candle to the delicious instant gratification of a Macdonald's Macspicy double & shaker fries. Or a piping-hot kaya peanut butter waffle off the neighborhood bakery. Often such food would fill ourselves up before dinner, but not really nourish our bodies, making us feel lousy inside out. This annoyed me, but part of me also understood this fact.

So in my attempt to reconcile the two distinct notions of eating homemade hearty meals and to satisfy my unearthly cravings, I learnt to recreate the outside food which I constantly craved for. The most incredible thing about cooking your own meal is that you see what goes inside your dish, and you're able to make it tastier and more nourishing. Cooking at home has a lot more value than just nutrition, and there's always something to whip up which is at least half as food as the best takeout. Eating in will give you countless joys in return. People love to gather around food, and that's when you chat, converse and share ideas. Besides this, I'll get to nurture my skills in the kitchen, discovering new food traditions and cultures. It's all about making the necessity of nourishing yourselves a daily privilege and pleasure.

I'm not a chef by profession, but I do take my food very seriously. I live to eat and I cook what I crave for within boundaries. I believe feeding myself is just as important as spending money to hang out or travel around the world. Last year, I had the opportunity to meet the most admirable couple who shares the same love for food, and it's amazing how once we all gather – genuine interactions begin. There's something about sit-down dinners which warms my heart, from the progress of sharing one's thoughts to daily musings, to listen, engage and encourage.

Now that I'm older, I clearly see how the memories of my kitchen shaped my life, especially before my sister moved out. Although I cook more often as compared to the past, I still crave for that slice of domino's pizza once in a while. Well, what I do know is that I love the idea of sharing my meals with the people I love. Thank You SCS Dairy Singapore for this timely reminder and giving me the chance to expand my knowledge of cooking in the heart of my own home. 
Photos taken by Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 50mm F 1.4 Lenses | A collaboration with SCS Dairy Singapore

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Saint Valentines | Friday, February 14, 2014

It's that time of the year again. For singletons, Valentine's Day might be a taboo. However, being single for three years, I feel that there's no need to be a grinch about it; in fact, we should take this hallmark holiday as an advantage to celebrate ourselves.

More often than not, due to our busy schedules, we tend to neglect spending time with ourselves. This Valentine's Day, why not take a pause from your hectic schedules, and indulge in a little 'me' time? Embrace being single because you're entitiled to your own independence, choices, and freedom. Invest your time in having a relationship with yourself, understanding and making faith goals towards your game plan in life. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Something which you'd never dare try. Learn a new language, pick up a new hobby and treat yourself to something special. Reward yourself for being amazing. Forget the fancy schmancy restaurant dinners and whip up your homemade meal with your family and friends. Nothing beats having a hearty meal in the comfort of your own house, in the midst of your closest ones. Pop a champagne to celebrate you, your family and your friends.

Even you're flying solo this Valentine's Day, there's no excuse not to dress up for the occasion. However, we know how nerve-recking finding the perfect outfit can be. Do we embrace romantic hues or go understated in monochromatic tones? For me, I'll obviously gravitate towards the latter. These no-fuss ensembles do the talking and leave less room for worrying. To spice things up, I finished these two looks off with some lip smackin' fun from Kandee Singapore. I'm pretty sure these five inch killer soles were made for Valentine's Day. 

For a limited time, Kandee Singapore is offering 20% off your first pair and 40% off your two pairs and up. What's there not to love? Blessed Valentine's Day everyone!
Kandee Heels c/o Kandee Singapore

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Motel Mexicola | Saturday, February 8, 2014

Among the countless charms of Bali, Motel Mexicola is a refreshing change from the emerging restaurants/diners that attract tourist and teenage hordes. Don't be mistaken by it's name – this place isn't as literal as it suggests. Strategically located in the heart of Seminyak, this hip taqueria's bright tropical facade is like punch in your face, impossible to miss. It's no secret that I'm a die-hard fan of Mexican fare, hence this playfully designed diner was my ideal translation of paradise. 

Upon setting foot into the doors of Motel Mexicola, it was as though we were transported into the set of a 1960's Mexican film. With the diner's signature shrine dedicated to Bob Marley, bright knick knacks and pastel murals adorning the walls of the restaurant, every corner of the restaurant depicts a story beautifully crafted by the dynamic duo. Even the bathrooms were not spared from the impeccable eye of the owners. Just like its decor, Motel Mexicola boasts of an extensive tapas menu designed to share and an assortment of tequilas to get you grooving to the music in no time. Though we didn't get the chance to sample their full menu in the afternoon, the prawn tacos were a hit among us, and we couldn't resist ordering second portions.

Motel Mexicola is clearly redefining the gastronomy scene in Bali with its old-school mexican chilled vibes and modern touch added to it. Whether you're a tourist or a local popping in to pursue it's eclectic decor or have a glass of Margarita, the staff there will always be delighted to serve you. 

Motel Mexicola is located at Jl Kayu Jati No 9, Petingenget Beach, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. Tel: 0361 736688 Website: 
Plaid Mini via The Scarlet Room

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